Open Data Services is a new and growing worker co-operative. We deliver sustainable support for world-changing open data projects, including the Open Contracting Data Standard, the 360Giving open philanthropy initiative, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and Open Referral.

We’re an interdisciplinary team, combining developers, analysts and researchers working to create tools and services that help organisations publish and use open data for social change.

Since we started in 2015 we’ve grown from 4 to 9 cooperative members based across the UK, providing family friendly and flexible working. We’re seeking to create a great place to work whilst contributing to open data impacts across the world.

We welcome applications from underrepresented minorities, and we value diversity within our workforce. If we can do anything to facilitate your application, please get in touch.

All employees are eligible to become cooperative members, taking an equal stake in the future development of our work.

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More about Open Data Services

Working as a co-operative

As a workers co-operative we operate as a values-driven business. We are building for the long-term: we are not controlled by shareholders seeking short-term gain. We operate in-line with global co-operative principles, and part of a global movement of co-operators.

Being a workers co-operative is also an experiment. We believe that much open data is a public good, and to sustain public goods we need strong foundations. We believe that co-operative models are an important part of that.

After a short probationary period, all employees are eligible to become a member of the co-operative, taking on an equal role in the ownership and governance of the business. We operate collective management, with regular online team meetings, and quarterly full-team meet-ups to make decisions about the projects, operations and direction of our shared work.

(Co-operative membership is optional. There is no obligation for employees to become a member, and all core employment benefits are shared equally amongst the team, whether members or not.)